2023 Texas Pro Recap and Final Verdict

Welcome back to our channel! Today, we’re diving deep into the 2023 IFBB Texas Pro competition, focusing on the intense rivalry between two outstanding bodybuilders: Hunter and Andrew. With Tyler Manion, the Vice-President of the NPC/IFBB Pro League, as our guide, we’ll dissect their performances, pose by pose, to understand what set them apart.

The Evolution of Two Titans:
Before delving into the specifics, it’s essential to acknowledge the incredible growth both athletes have showcased. Andrew, since his appearance at the Arnold competition, has refined his physique, bringing in a fuller, rounder look with an impressively dense back. Hunter, not to be outdone, transformed what was once a weak point – his back poses – into a formidable strength, coupled with enhanced overall conditioning.

The Pose Breakdown:

  1. Front Double Bicep:
  • The Initial Face-off: Both competitors started strong, making it a close call for the judges.
  • The Turning Point: As the rounds progressed, Andrew’s technique and form began to shine, giving him the edge.
  1. Front Lat Spread:
  • Andrew’s Dominance: With a chest that’s thickly muscled and abs that look carved from stone, Andrew’s pose here is arguably one of the best in the entire pro league.
  1. Side Chest:
  • The Balance of Power: While Andrew boasts a superior chest, Hunter’s width, balance, and overall presentation make this pose a win for him.
  1. Back Double Bicep:
  • Hunter’s Redemption: Once a weak point, Hunter has now made this one of his signature poses, showcasing unparalleled depth and detail.
  • Andrew’s Journey: While he has made significant strides, there’s still room for improvement.
  1. Back Lat Spread:
  • The Technique Battle: Hunter’s improvements were evident, while Andrew, despite his potential, needs to refine his posing technique.
  1. Side Tricep:
  • The Surprise Win: Hunter clinches this pose, but with a few adjustments, Andrew could turn this into one of his strengths.
  1. Ab and Thigh:
  • The Uncontested King: Andrew’s core presentation here is unmatched, making it a highlight of the competition.
  1. Most Muscular:
  • The Tug of War: What started as a close contest eventually saw Andrew pulling ahead, showcasing his resilience and consistency.

The Final Verdict:
While both athletes showcased exceptional skill and dedication, competitions like these are often decided by the minutest of details. Tyler Manion emphasizes the importance of maintaining composure and conditioning throughout. As the competition wore on, Hunter’s performance began to wane, marked by visible sweating and a loss of control over his midsection. In contrast, Andrew not only maintained his form but seemed to grow stronger, a testament to his preparation and stamina.

The 2023 IFBB Texas Pro was a spectacle, a testament to the dedication and hard work of all competitors, especially Hunter and Andrew. As we wrap up this analysis, we hope it provides fans, upcoming athletes, and enthusiasts a clearer understanding of the intricacies of bodybuilding and what judges look for in top-tier competitions. Stay tuned for more deep dives into the world of bodybuilding!

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