Classic Physique Mr. Olympia 2023 Prejudging: Battle Royale Between Cbum and Ramon Dino

The Olympia Expo’s second day brought with it the highly anticipated Classic Physique prejudging, and the competition promised to be a showdown between two prominent athletes: Chris Bumstead and Ramon Dino. In this article, we provide an in-depth analysis of the prejudging event and share insights into the impressive lineup, standout athletes, and the intense battle for the title.

An Impressive Lineup

As is customary, the Classic Physique division showcased an incredibly deep lineup. The top six to seven competitors were repeat performers from previous years, each bringing their own exceptional bodybuilding prowess. It’s worth noting that those who didn’t make the top 15 would undoubtedly dominate in other professional competitions, underlining the caliber of talent at the Olympia.

Prejudging for Classic Physique at the Olympia benefits from perfect lighting that leaves no room for ambiguity. The athletes’ condition and physique are on full display, allowing audiences to witness precisely what the competitors bring to the stage.

The Evolution of Ramon Dino and Wesley V

One of the noticeable aspects of this prejudging event was the significant improvements made by some of the athletes. Ramon Dino and Wesley V, in particular, stood out as competitors who had taken their physiques to the next level.

Ramon Dino, in particular, displayed a remarkable transformation. His improvements were evident, and what used to be a vulnerability—his back double bicep pose—had become one of his standout shots. He demonstrated clear improvements in his glutes, hamstrings, lower back, mid-back, delts, and arms. In essence, Ramon’s weaknesses from the past were no longer weak points. This marked a significant step forward for him.

Wesley V also turned heads with his progress. These transformations intensified the competition, making it a close race.

Chris Bumstead vs. Ramon Dino

The focus of this competition revolved around the clash between Chris Bumstead and Ramon Dino. Chris was undeniably the benchmark for the division, given his exceptional performances in the past. His aesthetic appeal and dominant physique often placed him far ahead of the competition.

However, what was noteworthy this year was that Ramon Dino and some of the other athletes had closed the gap. In the past, Chris Bumstead was significantly superior to the competition, but now, there was a sense of a more level playing field.

The Battle of Aesthetics and Structure

The Classic Physique division places great emphasis on both aesthetics and structure. The judges evaluate not only muscularity but also the classic template of each athlete’s physique.

Chris Bumstead, with his impressive structure, made a compelling case. His stature, broader shoulders, and overall frame made him a standout in terms of structure.

On the other hand, Ramon Dino, although not as broad as Chris, displayed an excellent V-taper with a smaller waist, creating a distinctive silhouette. His aesthetics were praiseworthy.

Structural Advantage vs. Posing Prowess

One of the central themes in the Classic Physique division was the contrast between a structural advantage and posing prowess. The athletes often excelled in various aspects, such as Chris Bumstead’s overall structure and Ramon Dino’s improved posing. It highlighted the ongoing debate regarding what judges prioritize in this division.

Predicting the Winner

The decisive factor that could determine the winner was the front double bicep pose. While Ramon Dino made compelling arguments with his cleaner lines and conditioning, Chris Bumstead presented a better side chest pose and greater chest thickness.

The final result remained uncertain, and the judges’ decision would be eagerly anticipated.

Honorable Mentions

Among the impressive lineup, athletes like Breon Ansley made significant improvements. Breon stood out for his muscle density, clean lines, and muscle maturity. This competition was undoubtedly one of the most challenging in recent years.

An Unpredictable Classic Physique Olympia

The Classic Physique division at the 2023 Olympia exemplified the high level of competition that has become a hallmark of this category. Each athlete brought their A-game, and the performances were commendable.

The striking aspect was that every competitor was in remarkable shape, making it a competition filled with excitement. There were no significant flaws to pinpoint, and audiences witnessed a level of excellence that was truly impressive.

Classic Physique Olympia 2023 showcased the essence of this division’s appeal. The attention to structure and aesthetics, coupled with the impressive improvements by athletes like Ramon Dino, added to the excitement.

As the anticipation for the final decision grew, it was clear that Classic Physique continued to be one of the most exciting and unpredictable divisions in the world of bodybuilding.

Stay tuned for the evening show to witness who would emerge as the victor in this highly competitive Classic Physique Mr. Olympia 2023.

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