EVLS Prague Pro 2023 Recap

EVLS Prague Pro 2023 Recap: Unveiling the Victors in Men’s Divisions

Welcome back to Project Bodybuilding! In this recap, we dive into the exhilarating competition at the EVLS Prague Pro, the second major Pro Show post-Olympia. Let’s break down the top fives in each men’s division and analyze the standout performances.

Classic Physique Division:

  1. Urs Kalecinski (2023 Prague Pro Champion): Dominating the stage, Urs showcased his prowess after a third-place finish at this year’s Olympia. His consistency and dominance at smaller shows underline his class.
  2. Michael Daboul (2nd Place): Despite a minor dip in conditioning compared to the Olympia, Daboul’s masterful presentation secured him second place. His overall performance stood out.
  3. Alexander Westermeier (3rd Place): The third-place finisher displayed a commendable performance, emphasizing the depth of talent at the Prague Pro.
  4. Sebastien Theurel (4th Place): Holding his own among elite competitors, Theurel secured a respectable fourth place.
  5. Karol Rogaczewski (5th Place): Despite landing in fifth, Rogaczewski’s presence in the top five adds to his competitive journey throughout the year.

212 Division:

  1. Ahmad Ashkanani (2023 Prague Pro Champion): With two Pro wins in quick succession, Ashkanani demonstrated his resilience, overcoming critiques on midsection separation. A well-balanced physique solidified his victory.
  2. Giuseppe Zagarella (2nd Place): Transitioning from classic to 212, Zagarella showcased insane leg development. With some upper-body refinement, he presents a formidable package.
  3. Lucas Goncalez (3rd Place): Moving up from fifth at the Romania Pro, Goncalez’s compact and complete look earned him a spot in the top three.
  4. Dawid Cnota (4th Place): Securing the fourth spot, Crota’s performance adds depth to the competitive landscape.
  5. Giorgi Adikashvili (5th Place): Despite facing tough competition, Adikashvili’s presence in the top five reflects his commitment and skill.

Men’s Physique Division:

Due to the technical nature of men’s physique, the top five standings are presented without detailed commentary.

  1. Miroslav Juricek (2023 Prague Pro Champion)
  2. Ondrej Kmostak (2nd Place)
  3. Furkan Er (3rd Place)

Open Division:

  1. Samson Dauda (2023 Prague Pro Champion): Securing another victory after winning in Romania, Dauda displayed his best package yet. The consistent improvements underscore his dedication to the sport.
  2. Michael Krizo (2nd Place): Krizo, returning champion from last year, presented a fuller and more rounded physique. Despite not reclaiming the title, he showcased significant progress.
  3. Rubiel Masquera (3rd Place): A standout surprise, Masquera’s third-place finish in his early Pro shows indicates potential for future success.
  4. Nathan De Asha (4th Place): De Asha demonstrated improved fullness, addressing concerns from previous competitions. His unique physique, with a long torso and high-inserting lats, garnered attention.
  5. Jan Turek (5th Place): Flying under the radar in previous shows, Turret’s top-five finish adds an unexpected twist to the competition.

Note: Horse MD Marcello De Angelis, expected to compete, faced medical issues and had to withdraw.

In summary, the EVLS Prague Pro 2023 showcased exceptional talent and heated competition across all divisions. The proximity to the Olympia brought top-tier athletes to the stage, contributing to the historical significance of this prestigious event. Congratulations to all competitors, and the journey continues as we look forward to more thrilling Pro Shows in the bodybuilding world. Stay tuned for detailed coverage and analysis here at Project Bodybuilding! If you enjoyed this recap, don’t forget to subscribe for more insights into the world of bodybuilding.

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