Flex Wheeler on Hunter Labrada: 2023 Texas Pro Controversy

Flex Wheeler, a legendary figure in the bodybuilding community, recently shared his thoughts on Hunter Labrada’s performance at the 2023 Texas Pro. According to Flex, while the pre-event photos and videos showcased Hunter in a shredded state, his onstage appearance seemed different. Flex pointed out that Hunter looked bloated, especially around his stomach. He also commented on the absence of the deep striations in Hunter’s legs, which were evident in the pre-show photos.

Flex specifically highlighted the missing “Christmas tree” detailing in Hunter’s back, a term in bodybuilding that describes the detailed musculature of the lower back. Flex believed that if Hunter had presented the same physique onstage as he had in the days leading up to the event, the results might have been in his favor. He even mentioned his intention to discuss this privately with Hunter.

The 2023 Texas Pro scorecards further emphasized the tight competition between Andrew Jack and Hunter Labrada. The results revealed a mere one-point difference in both the pre-judging and finals segments, indicating a near-even split in the judges’ assessments. Andrew Jack secured four points in both segments, while Hunter Labrada earned five points in each. The closeness of these scores suggests that the judging panel was deeply divided. A slight shift in just one judge’s opinion could have crowned Hunter Labrada as the winner.

Xavier Wills, the video host, disagreed with Flex Wheeler’s observations, referencing photos that clearly depicted Hunter Labrada in a shredded condition during the contest. As the video concludes, viewers are encouraged to “like, comment, and share” their thoughts and opinions on the discussed topics.

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