Samson Dauda Advocates for Positivity in Bodybuilding Community

In a heartfelt video message, Samson Dauda, freshly crowned as the third-best bodybuilder in the world at the recent Olympia, expressed not only his joy but also his concerns about the prevalent negativity within the bodybuilding community.

Dauda began by reflecting on his journey, reminiscing about watching the Olympia in 2013 and how it inspired him to be part of this extraordinary sport. He emphasized the transformative impact bodybuilding has had on his life and the special place it holds in his heart.

However, the champion didn’t shy away from addressing a prevailing issue – the tendency to criticize and spread negativity within the community. He urged fellow enthusiasts to appreciate the sacrifices made by athletes to reach the highest echelons of the sport, emphasizing that achieving such excellence is no happenstance but a result of relentless hard work.

Dauda was particularly disheartened by the negativity surrounding critiques of physique and show promotion. He stressed the importance of distinguishing between constructive criticism and outright bashing, urging the community to foster a more positive environment.

The bodybuilder also touched on the impact of negative sentiments on the growth of the sport. He noted that constant internal criticism and tearing each other down hinders the potential for expansion and global recognition. Dauda appealed for unity and a collective effort to present bodybuilding in a positive light.

Addressing the criticism faced by show promoters, Dauda shared his perspective on the immense dedication and hard work that goes into organizing such events. He called for a more appreciative approach, acknowledging the challenges faced by those behind the scenes and discouraging unnecessary negativity.

In closing, Samson Dauda expressed gratitude for his current position and called on the community to be better, to foster a more positive atmosphere that encourages growth and attracts new enthusiasts to the sport. His impassioned plea serves as a reminder that, for bodybuilding to thrive, support and encouragement should be at the forefront of the community’s values.

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