Samson Dauda’s Performance at the 2024 Arnold Classic UK

We’re going to talk about whether the 2024 Arnold Classic UK version of Samson Dauda was or wasn’t his best ever. I noticed a lot of people commenting that this was, in fact, his best ever, so we’re going to take a look at that, compare this version of Samson Dauda to his other editions, and discuss how he got there.

Analyzing Samson Dauda’s Performance:

In 2024, at the Arnold Classic UK, Samson placed second, and it was a close competition between him and Hadi Choopan. The scorecards revealed that Hadi had six points in both prejudging and finals. However, two out of seven judges had Samson in second place, indicating that some professionals believed Samson was winning the show. This is significant as it suggests Samson has a chance of beating Hadi at the Mr. Olympia if he comes in improved conditioning.

Comparing Samson’s Condition:

When comparing Samson’s conditioning at different events, it’s essential to note his progress. In the Arnold UK, Samson displayed improvements in upper body muscularity, with bigger shoulders, arms, and a better back. However, his conditioning, particularly in the glutes and hamstrings, may not have been his best ever. The comparison with his 2023 appearance, where he won against Nick Walker, showcases his peak condition with deep separation and dryness in muscle groups.

Assessing Samson’s Overall Performance:

Samson’s physique at the Arnold UK was impressive, but questions remain about his maximum potential. While he has shown significant improvements over the past few years, there’s still room for further growth and refinement. Samson’s partnership with Milos Sarcev contributed to his progress, but the switch to a new coach for the Olympia raises uncertainties about his peak conditioning.

Looking Ahead to the Mr. Olympia:

As Samson prepares for the Mr. Olympia, he faces challenges not only in physical conditioning but also in mental preparation and recovery. With limited time between competitions, there are concerns about whether Samson can push himself to achieve next-level conditioning. Some suggest that a longer break might benefit his overall development, but Samson is determined to compete and make an impact on the Olympia stage.


In conclusion, Samson Dauda’s performance at the 2024 Arnold Classic UK was impressive, showcasing both improvements and areas for further development. While his conditioning may not have been his best ever, Samson’s dedication to his craft and determination to succeed are evident. As he continues his journey in bodybuilding, fans eagerly await his appearance at the Mr. Olympia and the opportunity to see him compete against the best in the world.

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