The Next Chapter in Iain Valliere’s Life

Iain Valliere, a prominent figure in the bodybuilding community, has recently announced his departure from the competitive bodybuilding stage. In a heartfelt video titled “The Next Chapter…”, Iain delves deep into his decision, reflecting on his journey and what lies ahead.

A Decision Long in the Making Iain begins by acknowledging the weight of his announcement, emphasizing that this wasn’t a hasty decision. For over a year, the thought of stepping away from competitive bodybuilding lingered in his mind. Despite winning shows, the thrill and excitement began to wane. The anticipation of competing in the Olympia, which once ignited passion, no longer held the same allure.

Reflecting on a Storied Career Having been in the bodybuilding scene for 15 years, Iain has seen and done it all. Starting at the age of 18, he’s competed in almost 30 bodybuilding shows and has been a pro for a decade. With six wins under his belt, a second-place finish at the Arnold, and multiple top 10 placements at the Olympia, Iain feels he’s experienced the pinnacle of the sport. The realization that the thrill was fading, combined with potential health risks, made it increasingly difficult to justify continuing.

A Shift in Perspective As Iain approached his 30s and considered starting a family with his partner Melissa, the risks associated with bodybuilding became more pronounced. The desire to live a long, healthy life began to overshadow the allure of the stage. Iain emphasizes that his love for training remains undiminished. However, the lifestyle of maintaining a weight of 280 pounds and the associated chemical regimen no longer felt authentic.

Support and Understanding Throughout the video, Iain expresses gratitude for the overwhelming support he’s received. Friends, family, and colleagues have all shown excitement for his new journey. He clarifies that he wasn’t pushed out of bodybuilding due to health issues or injuries. In fact, his decision was influenced by a desire to leave while still healthy, avoiding potential future complications.

Looking Ahead Iain’s departure from competitive bodybuilding doesn’t signify an exit from the fitness world. He’s eager to explore different facets of fitness, from varied training styles to nutrition changes. The idea of feeling more athletic, running again, and enjoying simple pleasures like playing with his dogs excites him. He also hints at potential involvement in bodybuilding judging and remains committed to his podcast.

A New Lease on Life The video captures Iain’s renewed zest for life. He speaks of the liberation he feels, no longer bound by strict meal routines and the pressures of competition. The excitement for what the future holds is palpable, as he looks forward to snowboarding, hunting seasons with his father, and other activities he had previously sidelined.

A Heartfelt Farewell Iain concludes by expressing his gratitude to his supporters. He hopes they’ll continue to be a part of his journey as he embarks on this new chapter. While he may no longer be on the competitive stage, his passion for fitness and the bodybuilding community remains unwavering.

For those interested in hearing Iain’s announcement in his own words, the video can be found on his YouTube channel under the title “The Next Chapter…”.

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