2023 IFBB ORLANDO PRO: Phil Clahar Wins!

The 2023 IFBB PRO LEAGUE ORLANDO PRO MBB was a thrilling event that took place on July 1, 2023, in Orlando, Florida. This competition was a significant milestone in the bodybuilding calendar, serving as a qualifying event for the prestigious Mr. Olympia competition. This article focuses on the highlights of the Men’s Open category, showcasing the top athletes who emerged victorious in this esteemed competition.

The Men’s Open category of the 2023 IFBB PRO LEAGUE ORLANDO PRO MBB was a testament to the dedication, discipline, and physical prowess of the participating athletes. The competition was intense, with bodybuilders from various countries vying for the top spot.

Phil Clahar emerged as the winner of the Men’s Open category. Clahar’s victory was a significant achievement, marking his first professional win and securing his place in the upcoming Mr. Olympia competition. His impressive conditioning and improvements from the prejudging round to the finals were key factors in his victory.

Securing the second place was Hassan Mostafa, the defending champion of the event. Despite leading in the prejudging round, Mostafa was unable to maintain his lead in the finals. However, his impressive package and performance on stage were commendable.

The third place was secured by Stan de Longeaux, who showcased an impressive physique and performance. Emmanuel Alvarez and Chris Didomenico rounded out the top five, demonstrating their commitment and dedication to the sport.

The top three placements in the Men’s Open category of the 2023 IFBB PRO LEAGUE ORLANDO PRO MBB were:

  1. Phil Clahar
  2. Hassan Mostafa
  3. Stan de Longeaux

The scorecard for the 2023 IFBB PRO LEAGUE ORLANDO PRO MBB can be found on the official IFBB Pro website. Here is the link to the scorecards.

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