A Comprehensive Technical Analysis of the Mr. Olympia Open Division

Tyler Manion, Vice President of NPC Worldwide and IPB Pro League, provides a detailed recap of the Mr. Olympia Open Division, focusing on the battle between Derek and Hottie. The analysis covers each mandatory pose, highlighting the strengths and areas of improvement for the athletes.

Dispelling Notions:
Manion dismisses the notion that to beat the champion, one must knock them out. Emphasizing that judging is solely based on the competitor’s performance on the day, he underscores the importance of current presentation over past achievements.

Front Double Bicep Pose:
Analyzing Derek and Hottie’s front double bicep pose, Manion commends Derek’s improvements in arms and legs. He notes Derek’s balanced physique, tapered waist, and wide lats. While acknowledging Hottie’s strengths, Manion gives the nod to Derek in this pose.

Front Lat Spread:
Manion dissects the front lat spread, praising Derek’s widened lats and detailing his V-taper. Hottie’s strong quads are noted, but an imbalance between left and right quads is highlighted. Despite improvements, Hottie loses this round to Derek.

Side Chest Pose:
The analysis of the side chest pose reveals Derek’s significant improvements in chest, arms, and shoulders. Manion notes the detailed density in Derek’s side leg, giving him the edge over Hottie. This marks a turnaround from the previous year, with Derek securing the win in this pose.

Back Double Bicep Pose:
Manion declares the back double bicep pose as a clear win for Derek. He highlights Derek’s superior back development, detailing arms, shoulders, and legs. While acknowledging Hottie’s solid performance, Derek’s depth and density secure the victory.

Back Lat Spread:
In the back lat spread, Derek’s widened and detailed back gives him the advantage over Hottie. Manion emphasizes Derek’s overall strength in this pose, contributing to his dominant performance.

Side Tricep Pose:
Manion examines the side tricep pose, acknowledging Hottie’s chest detail and Derek’s width. Despite Hottie’s abdominal and serratus detail, Derek’s superior width, arms, and side leg lead to his victory in this pose.

Ab and Thigh Pose:
Manion praises Hottie’s Ab and Thigh pose, emphasizing his detailed core and flaring lats. Derek’s vacuum pose improvements are noted, but Hottie’s overall strength in this pose earns him the win.

Most Muscular Pose:
Despite Derek’s improvements in arms, shoulders, and chest in the most muscular pose, Hottie’s overall presentation, striated chest, and width contribute to his victory. The score stands at five poses for Derek and three for Hottie.

Analysis of Top Five:
The article concludes with a brief analysis of the competitors in the third to fifth positions, providing insights into their strengths and areas for improvement. Samson, Brandon, and Andrew are recognized for their potential in future competitions.

Closing Thoughts:
Manion expresses excitement for the competitive landscape in Open Men’s Bodybuilding, highlighting the unpredictability and high quality of athletes. He anticipates a strong showing in the 2024 season, with multiple contenders vying for the prestigious title.

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