Bodybuilding Champion Samson Dauda Speaks Out After Arnold Classic Setback

In a candid video update, popular bodybuilder Samson Dauda opened up about the challenges he has faced in the aftermath of the recent Arnold Classic competition. Despite bringing his absolute best package to the stage and battling head-to-head with the eventual winner, Dauda revealed that he has been struggling with his health and has faced disheartening disrespect from some members of the bodybuilding community.

Dauda, who finished as the runner-up at the prestigious contest, expressed his immense pride in his performance and the incredible condition he was able to achieve. He spoke highly of the winner, shaking his hand and embracing him as a fellow warrior who brought an exceptional package. However, Dauda‘s joy was short-lived as he returned home to an outpouring of negativity and harsh criticism aimed at him and his family.

Visibly shaken, the former Arnold Classic champion questioned the necessity for such disrespect within the sport, especially when both he and his competitor had given their all on stage. He emphasized the sacrifices made by athletes, including compromising their health and family privacy, only to be met with humiliation and insults from certain individuals.

In the aftermath of the competition, Dauda’s physical condition has deteriorated to the point where he may need to be hospitalized. Despite his attempts to push through and continue training, his body is failing him, and he is uncertain about his ability to compete at the upcoming Arnold Classic UK event.

Dauda’s emotional video serves as a poignant reminder of the toll that competitive bodybuilding can take, both physically and mentally. While criticism is inherent in any sport, his call for respect and understanding within the community resonates deeply. As he contemplates his future in the sport, Dauda’s resilience and determination remain unwavering, as he vows to keep fighting against all odds, as he has done throughout his life.

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