The Race to Mr. Olympia 2023: Who Will Make the Cut?

With only six competitions left to qualify for the grand stage of Mr. Olympia 2023, the tension is palpable. The stakes have never been higher, and the competition fiercer. Several notable athletes who graced the Mr. Olympia stage in 2022 have yet to secure their spot for this year’s showdown. The question on everyone’s mind is: Who will make it to the final, and who will be left watching from the sidelines?

The Veterans in the Fray:

Several seasoned competitors are yet to punch their ticket to the 2023 finals:

  • Andrew Jacked: After a stellar performance in 2022, Jacked’s absence from the qualified list is surprising. His dedication and form are unquestionable, but will he secure a spot in time?
  • Vlad Sukhoruchko, William Bonac, Justin Rodríguez, Akim Williams: Each of these athletes has showcased their prowess on the Olympia stage before. Their experience and determination make them strong contenders.
  • Theo Leguerrier, Raphael Brandao, Blessing Awodibu, Charles Griffin: These athletes have proven their mettle in previous competitions. Their drive and ambition could very well see them through to the finals.

The Rising Stars:

The bodybuilding world has its eyes on several emerging athletes who are making waves:

  • Quinton Eriya: With a physique that has been turning heads, Eriya is a strong contender for one of the coveted spots.
  • GoodVito & Martin Fitzwater: Both have shown promise and potential in recent competitions. Their fresh approach and dedication could be their ticket to the Olympia stage.
  • Sergio Olive Jr, Reagan Grimes, Nathan De Asha: Each of these athletes has a unique blend of experience and youthful energy. Their performances in the upcoming qualifiers will be crucial.

The Verdict:

With only six spots available and fifteen high-caliber athletes vying for them, the road to Mr. Olympia 2023 promises to be thrilling. Every competition, every pose, and every decision will count.

While predictions are rife, the true outcome remains uncertain. Will the veterans use their experience to clinch the spots, or will the new blood rise to the occasion?

Your Take:

Who do you think will make it to the final? And who will be left out? The bodybuilding community is buzzing with opinions, predictions, and debates. Share your thoughts, insights, and predictions. The countdown to Mr. Olympia 2023 has begun, and every moment counts!


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