Flex Wheeler’s critique of Andrew Jacked at Texas Pro 2023

Flex Wheeler’s Critique of Andrew Jacked: A Deep Dive

Following the Texas Pro competition, the bodybuilding community has been abuzz with discussions, particularly focusing on the rising star, Andrew Jacked. While Andrew’s victory and performance have garnered much attention and praise, a critique from an unexpected source, Flex Wheeler, has added a new dimension to the conversation.

The Background:
Andrew Jacked’s recent triumph at the Texas Pro solidified his position as a significant figure in the bodybuilding world. His growing popularity and impressive performance have made him a focal point in the industry. However, amidst the accolades, a hint of criticism in one of Andrew’s recent posts raised eyebrows, leading many to wonder about its origin.

Flex Wheeler’s Perspective:
Flex Wheeler, a renowned figure in the bodybuilding arena, shared his insights during a recap of the Texas Pro. Given the professional history between Flex and Andrew, the critique was unexpected and piqued interest.

  1. Back Double Bicep Pose: Flex highlighted a perceived lack in Andrew’s mind-muscle connection during this pose. He remarked, “It doesn’t seem like he was practicing on his rear double bicep a lot. It’s almost an amateur thing, fidgeting around, looking around and all that, trying to recontract and all that stuff. That’s a pure sign that you don’t have it locked in.”
  2. Side Tricep Pose: Flex also touched upon Andrew’s execution of the side tricep, a point that other experts in the field have commented on.

It’s essential to note that Flex’s observations weren’t solely focused on Andrew. He also shared his views on Hunter Labrada, indicating areas of improvement in his presentation.

Community Response:
Reactions to Flex’s comments were mixed within the bodybuilding community. Some saw the value in constructive criticism, believing it to be vital for an athlete’s growth. In contrast, others felt the feedback was overly negative, especially given the past association between Flex and Andrew.

In the competitive realm of bodybuilding, feedback, both positive and negative, plays a pivotal role in shaping an athlete’s journey. As Andrew Jacked continues to ascend in his career, insights from industry veterans like Flex Wheeler can provide invaluable lessons. The challenge lies in sifting through the feedback, retaining what’s beneficial, and continually striving for excellence.

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