Insights and Updates: Japan Pro 2023 Competitors

As the bodybuilding season draws to a close, the spotlight is on the upcoming Japan Pro 2023, slated to be the final showdown of the year. Notably absent from the competition is Samson Dauda, creating a ripe opportunity for contenders like Michael Krizo, Nathan De Asha, Tonio Burton, and others to vie for victory and secure an Olympia spot.

Contenders to Watch:

  1. Alfred Chiriac: An athlete with potential, Chiriac stands out among the competitors.
  2. Theo Leguerrier: Having outperformed Roman Fritz in previous events, Theo Leguerrier is a strong contender.
  3. Roman Fritz: Continues to impress with his relentless dedication, defying the traditional offseason.

Unexpected Absence of Rubiel Mosquera

Surprisingly, Rubiel Mosquera, known as Neckzilla, is not participating despite his recent competition. With a heart full of determination, Nexel could have added an exciting dynamic to the event.

Neckzilla’s Potential for Japan Pro

Neckzilla, a rising sensation in the bodybuilding scene, is generating buzz for his potential resemblance to a young Big Ramy. While he still refines his physique, the excitement he brings is undeniable. Calls for Michael Krizo and others to reconsider and join the lineup echo within the bodybuilding community.

Blessing Awodibu’s Resurgence

Blessing Awodibu, once almost forgotten after a fifth-place finish in Italy, has taken a hiatus to recalibrate. Acknowledging the need for more size, particularly in the quads, Awodibu is poised for a comeback, recognizing that the road to Olympia requires more than impeccable conditioning.

Hunter Labrada’s 2024 Challenges

Hunter Labrada, despite maintaining muscle mass and body composition during a restful phase, faces a daunting 2024. The return of formidable names to the stage means Labrada must focus on improving his midsection for a competitive edge in the next season.


As the Japan Pro 2023 approaches, the bodybuilding community eagerly anticipates the culmination of this season. With unexpected twists and rising stars, the event promises to be a fitting finale to a year of intense competition. Stay tuned for more updates and insights from the world of bodybuilding.

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