Neckzilla’s Rough Comeback – What’s Next for the Muscle Monster?

Neckzilla burst onto the pro bodybuilding scene in 2023 with his freaky mass and conditioning, winning shows on the IFBB Elite Pro circuit. However, there are now questions about his commitment as he transitions to the more demanding IFBB Pro League.

In recent updates, Zilla is looking depleted and smooth compared to training partner Brion Angley who is just 3 weeks out. At 9 weeks out from a potential Arnold Brazil debut, Zilla lacks the separation and fullness expected of someone with his genetic potential.

This could be because he “cleaned out” his body, presumably coming off performance enhancing drugs according to insider Chris Cormier. If so, 9 weeks may not be long enough to regain competitive shape without his prior chemical assistance. His extended vacationing also shows questionable dedication.

While Zilla plans on doing the Arnold Brazil and New York Pro, fans are rightfully concerned whether he is truly 100% devoted to professional bodybuilding. At his best, he should be a top 3 threat to anyone. But he can’t just coast on his gifts against this elite competition.

To live up to the hype and reclaim his spot among the future stars of the IFBB, Neckzilla needs to get serious and show he has the work ethic and lifestyle commitment to match his one-in-a-million genetics. This season will demonstrate if he has the desire to put in the blood, sweat and tears required to conquer the pros.

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