2023 BIGMAN SPAIN PRO SHOW: Roman Fritz Wins!

Roman Fritz Dominates at the 2023 Bigman Spain Pro Show

The 2023 Bigman Spain Pro Show, held in Benidorm, Spain, was a thrilling spectacle of muscle and might. The event, which took place from July 29-30, saw competitors from the Men’s Open and Bikini categories battling it out for the top spot and a coveted invitation to the Mr. Olympia competition.

Fritz Takes the Crown

Roman Fritz, the German bodybuilding sensation, emerged as the champion of the Men’s Open category. His impressive physique, marked by a well-balanced combination of size, symmetry, and conditioning, set him apart from the competition. Fritz’s victory has secured his place at the Mr. Olympia competition, where he will compete against the best bodybuilders in the world.

The Top Three

The top three competitors in the Men’s Open category were:

  1. Roman Fritz: The German bodybuilder claimed the top spot with his impressive physique. His victory at the Bigman Weekend has secured his place at the Mr. Olympia competition later this year.
  2. Emir Omeragic: Despite a strong showing, Emir fell just short of the top spot. However, his performance was a testament to his skill and dedication to the sport.
  3. Jose Manuel Munoz Quiles: Rounding out the top three, Jose Manuel showcased an impressive physique and a strong performance, cementing his place among the top bodybuilders in the competition.

For the complete rankings, please refer to the official scorecard.

Looking Forward

The 2023 Bigman Spain Pro Show was a showcase of some of the best talent in bodybuilding today. As we look forward to the Mr. Olympia competition, the performances at the Bigman Weekend have set the stage for an exciting contest. With competitors like Roman Fritz in the mix, the competition is sure to be fierce.

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