Carlos Thomas Jr Eyes Set on Texas Pro Title ?

Emerging bodybuilding superstar Carlos Thomas Jr. recently made a guest posing appearance that left fans stunned by his phenomenal muscularity and conditioning.

With the Texas Pro rapidly approaching, Thomas aims to earn his pro card and make a big statement in his pro debut.

Thomas brought his best package yet to the stage – most notably his mammoth, sweepingly feathered quads that have drawn comparisons to legendary bodybuilder Tom Platz.

While his back remains a slight weak point, Thomas’s legs, delts, arms and chest display some of the most outrageous mass and cuts in the sport today.

From the front, Thomas looks virtually unbeatable, with rugged abs and an X-frame taper that earned him the Overall title at the 2022 Nationals.

Thomas has made incredible strides since turning pro last year, adding significant mass all over his frame. His dedication to hard training and nutrition is evident in his jaw-dropping improvements.

Now Thomas looks to follow in the footsteps of shocking newcomer Andrew Jacked, who blitzed the competition in his pro debut last year.

With shredded glutes, granite hamstrings and mountainous shoulders, Thomas has the physique of a future Mr. Olympia champion.

Does Carlos Thomas Have What It Takes for Texas Pro Glory?

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